Evident joins for inspection innovation

By 14 November 2023 Nuclear AMRC news

Scientific and industrial equipment specialist Evident has joined the Nuclear AMRC to support the development of new inspection techniques for the nuclear industry.

Evident manufactures world-class nondestructive testing (NDT), precision measurement and analysis, quality control and assessment, and other research, environmental, and life science solutions. Formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of Olympus, Evident employs more than 4,300 people in 24 countries.

NDT covers a variety of technologies that are used to evaluate the structure and integrity of a component without damaging it. In the nuclear sector, it is essential to ensure the safe operation of reactor components, waste containers, and other safety-critical fabrications.

“The nuclear industry takes plant safety very seriously,” says John Crossley, Nuclear AMRC technology lead for nondestructive testing. “NDT plays an important role in the manufacture and continued maintenance of plants to ensure the quality and safety of the most critical parts of nuclear power plants at a cost-effective rate.

“Evident has many state-of-the-art solutions to conduct these inspections, and working closely together under the new membership will give us the ability to deliver these solutions to our customers and their projects.”

Evident has previously worked with the Nuclear AMRC on NDT technology development, including phased array ultrasonic testing of novel components and improved testing methodologies to meet nuclear industry requirements.

As part of its membership, Evident will provide equipment and additional support to the Nuclear AMRC. The collaboration will focus on qualifying new NDT methods to meet the quality management requirements of nuclear customers and developing examination methods for advanced joining and production technologies.

“As a company we look forward to contributing to the cutting-edge work going on at the Nuclear AMRC,” says Jim Worland, director industry direct sales UK at Evident.

“We see closer cooperation with the nuclear industry as paramount to tackling the ongoing challenges of energy production in line with net-zero targets, and Nuclear AMRC membership allows us to take part directly in research and development projects where we can directly impact relevant areas in close cooperation with a wide network of industry and academic partners.”

The Nuclear AMRC will also work with Evident on innovative developments in some of its other technology areas, including remote visual inspection technologies, where Evident products are used in nuclear and other energy sectors to monitor the condition of operational plants in challenging environments and difficult-to-access areas.

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