The documents and reports listed below examine different aspects of the UK nuclear new build programme, and other issues of interest to nuclear manufacturing companies. Links will download the report as a pdf, or open an external web page.

Reports are presented for information only. The Nuclear AMRC is not responsible for their content.

Innovating to net zero Energy Systems Catapult, April 2024 – Models of detailed pathways to achieving net zero in the UK by 2050, with nuclear playing a significant role in all scenarios.

Civil nuclear: roadmap to 2050 DESNZ, January 2024 – outlines plans for a major expansion of nuclear power to meet the UK ambition for 24GW by 2050.

Scaling success: navigating the future of small modular reactors New Nuclear Watch Institute, December 2023 – report on the role of SMRs as part of a low-carbon energy mix, assessing 25 projects with the potential for significant market share by mid-century.

Made in Britain: the pathway to a nuclear renaissance APPG Nuclear Energy, November 2023 – recommendations for government and Great British Nuclear to accelerate new nuclear development in the UK.

Delivering nuclear power Science, Innovation and Technology Committee, July 2023 – report urging the UK government to set a detailed strategy for nuclear development, with extensive recommendations.

Progress in reducing emissions: 2023 report to parliament Climate Change Committee, June 2023 – Assessment of progress in reducing UK emissions and adapting to climate change, with policy recommendations.

Powering up Britain DESNZ, March 2023 – government proposals to enhance energy security, achieve net zero emissions, and seize the economic opportunities of the transition.

Advanced manufacturing of nuclear components World Nuclear Association, September 2022 – how to accelerate the use of advanced manufacturing processes to support nuclear development, including proposals for harmonising codes and standards.

Delivering advanced nuclear energy: the role of government Dalton Nuclear Institute, August 2022 – explores the actions that only government can take to ensure nuclear energy fulfils its potential in supporting net zero and enhancing energy security.

Nuclear power and secure energy transitions IEA, June 2022 – in-depth exploration of nuclear’s potential role as a source of low-emissions electricity to help address the energy and climate crises.

British energy security strategy BEIS, April 2022 – National plan to accelerate homegrown power for greater energy independence, setting a new target of 24GW of nuclear power by 2050.

Hydrogen roadmap NIA, February 2021 – Report backed by the Nuclear Industry Council, setting out how nuclear power could produce one-third of the UK’s clean hydrogen needs by 2050, with strategic priorities for government-industry collaboration.

Energy white paper: powering our net zero future BEIS, December 2020 – Outline of the government’s overall energy strategy, including the aim to bring at least one nuclear new build project to final investment decision by 2024. Also see the government’s ten point plan for a green industrial revolution (November 2020).

Advances in small modular reactor technology developments IAEA, September 2020 – Updated report on 72 different SMR designs under development in 18 countries.

Nuclear Sector Deal: two years on Nuclear Industry Council, September 2020 – Detailing progress on the Nuclear Sector Deal since its launch in 2018, with case studies and updates on key achievements.

Flexible nuclear energy for clean energy systems Clean Energy Ministerial, September 2020 – International report on how innovative and advanced nuclear systems can operate flexibly in tandem with renewables.

UK R&D and supply chain capability for advanced modular reactors BEIS, July 2020 – Assessment of the UK’s current capabilities and ares for development, compiled by NNL with supply chain assessment from the Nuclear AMRC.

Nuclear energy for net zero Energy Systems Catapult, June 2020 – Supplement to the Innovating to net zero report, with detaled assessment of the potential roles and contribution of nuclear energy in supporting decarbonisation paths.

The essential guide for the nuclear new build supply chain (stage 3) NIA, June 2019 – Guidance for SMEs on the potential opportunities, routes to market, and quality issues for new build in the UK.

Market framework for financing small nuclear BEIS, August 2018 –  Independent report from the Expert Finance Working Group on Small Reactors.

Nuclear Sector Deal BEIS, July 2018 – An agreement between the UK government and industry to reduce costs and develop the domestic supply chain capability and skills through new construction techniques and innovative approaches to manufacturing.

ETI nuclear cost drivers project: summary report Energy Technologies Institute, April 2018 – Overview of eight key cost drivers and 35 credible opportunities for cost reduction in nuclear power.