F4N logoFit For Nuclear is a journey of business improvement.

Following an initial capability questionnaire and self-assessment, companies typically take 12-18 months to progress to F4N granted status. The eight steps below describe the process.

One of our regionally-based industrial advisors will support you through every step, but the F4N journey will demand commitment and drive from your senior management team.


Pre-entry steps

1. Nuclear capability questionnaire.
Complete an initial nuclear capability questionnaire. This will help us understand whether F4N is right for you, and how we can best support your business.

2. Business excellence self-assessment.
An online self-assessment of your general business operations and performance. The assessment covers six key categories of business operation and performance, with 10 multiple-choice questions in each category, and is the same across all the Fit For programmes.

Entry into the F4N programme

If your assessment results meet the required standard, you will be invited to join the F4N programme as part of a cohort of peer companies. You will pay a flat fee to cover all the following steps through to granting, which typically takes 12–18 months.

3. Site verification visit.
Your F4N industrial advisor will contact you to arrange a visit to your company to review and verify your answers in the self-assessment.

4. Business action plan.
Your industrial advisor will support you as you create an action plan to close any gaps in your general business performance.

5. Nuclear self-assessment.
Nuclear buyers have specific expectations in addition to common standards of business excellence. Our sector-specific assessment helps you measure your ability to meet these expectations, and identifies any areas for further development.

6. Nuclear specific verification visit.
You will receive an initial rating, based on the information you have provided. Your F4N industrial advisor will contact you to arrange a meeting with your company to review and verify your answers.

7. Pre-grant visit.
As you near the end of your action plans, your industrial advisor will visit to review your progress, and work with you to prepare your case for the F4N granting panel.

8. F4N granted & ongoing support.
Once the granting panel is satisfied that you can meet all the standards, we will grant Fit For Nuclear for a period of three years. You will receive regular contact and support from your industrial advisor and access to all services, for an annual subscription fee.

You will be issued with a certificate and added to our online directory of F4N companies. You can use the F4N hallmark in your own marketing, and will have other opportunities to promote your business through the Nuclear AMRC including the F4N Connect portal.

Your industrial advisor will visit you twice a year to ensure that your business is maintaining F4N standards, and provide updates on the nuclear landscape and market opportunities.

If your company maintains F4N standards for three years, you will be re-granted at no additional cost.


To start your F4N journey, go to the new programme portal: f4.namrc.co.uk

Already on the F4N programme? You should still use the previous portal to update your journey: f4n.namrc.co.uk

Any questions? Contact the team at f4n@namrc.co.uk